Going Green?

Going Green is a complicated process. It is a great buzzword, but this concert is generally only applied in matters that make companies money, not cost them money. Because this is generally the case, we seek to provide a great value with the toner costs in Denver, especially our re-manufactured toner. We don’t stop there. We have Recycling Programs and we also have a new Print Share Program.

Print Share
Our Print Share program goes like this. You are a company here in Denver that has extra printers or copiers. We find a non-profit who will give you a receipt for your generous donation. You get a tax break, they get a needed printer without having to spend their scant resources on technology. This is a win/win for both you and the non-profit. Why do we do this? It gives us a chance to get business later (toner for the printer you donated) and gives us a chance to try and work with you as well, the generous giver. Call us if you have extra laser printers or toner cartridges you wish to donate to this program.

Power Reduction
We have partnered with a company on the computer networking side which will do Green Power Management. What does this mean? If you have a company with 50+ computers on the network, you can probably save $3,000 a year with some simple power management help. The larger the organization, the more this explodes. Maybe this is not something you thought of, but the simple act of turning your computer off every night will save you $50 a year. Multiply this out and the savings can get huge. We have an appliance which will ensure all your employees follow your power saving rules.

Green Friendly Printers
There are a lot of printers these days which have become more green than their predecessors. You may have an old, inefficient printer that could be replaced with newer, more green friendly products. This process is more complicated, which is why we invest a lot of time and energy talking with and working with manufacturer’s to gain an understanding of best practices for going green in an organization.